Adforus possesses a variety of technologies that transcend mobile and online, such as marketing technology, advertising platforms and ad-servers. With our exceptional technology, we’re growing in this rapidly changing advertising market.


Adforus’ Know-how in various advertising fields has already been experienced by many advertisers and partners. Adforus is still working hard for the success of advertising marketing with Adforus’ own professional strategy and Know-how


The average age of Adforus employees is still in their 30s. Even now Adforus continues to move quickly and learn. Adforus is always in a state of challenge, with our unique passion and enthusiasm.


Adforus’ creative ideas and experimenting spirit are different from normal thoughts that anyone can think of. One step ahead, Creative marketing methods through a slightly different thinking and approach are the strengths of Adforus

ADforus Certification

Our Awards
● Baby Unicorn
● Innobiz
● Mainbiz
● Youth-friendly small giant
● Small Giant
● Hi-Seoul brand Seoul top company
● Venture Enterprise
● Company annexed research center
● IBK Promising small business
● Official executing organization of government Export Voucher
Technology patents
● Prevention the illegal distribution of applications (registration no. 10-1614189)
● Mobile platform dynamic analysis device (registration no. 10-16321520000)
IPRs (Intellectual Property Right)
● Linkmine trademark right (registration no. 40-2018-0051644)
● Ad-targeting program registration (registration no. C-2014-025556)
● Linkmine program registration (registration no. 2019114060)
● Cubemine program registration (registration no. 2019114122)
● Valista program registration (registration no. C-2021-014523)

ADforus History


● Selected as an excellent venture company for 2 consecutive years ( sustainable growth potential and job creation sector)

● Top ad management solutions provider in APAC 2023 – Martech Outlook

● Zero Party Data agreement “© Notiplus” MOU

● Relocation to Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu


● Youth-Friendly Small Giant by Ministry of Employment and Labor

● Grand prize of “SI-Tech Innovation Award 2022” by Ministry of Science and ICT

● Re-certification of “Venture Enterprise” by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

● “2022 Small Giant” by Ministry of Employment and Labor

● “Series B” Investment attraction

● MOU with the developer of Metaverse social platform “© Vitok”

● Official executing organization of government Export Voucher


● Increase in capital (\ 2.07 billion)

● “Innobiz” by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

● Executed ‘Lineage W’ Global (Malaysia, Singapore, Japan) Pre-registration

● "Excellent Technological Innovation Award“ by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

● 2021 [Baby Unicorn] by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

● “Promising small business” by IBK

● Developed DSP RTB Platform ‘Cubemine’

● “Series A” Investment attraction

● Exclusive contract of “Musinsa” APP CPS

● Developed Global Performance Marketing Platform ‘Valista’


● Developed Network Incentive Marketing Platform “GreenP”

● Performance marketing contract with T3soft “Luna mobile”

● “MAIN BIZ” Certification as an Innovative Management Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

● 2020 Hi-Seoul brand Seoul top company

● 2020 Certification as an Excellent Technological Evaluation Enterprise. (NICE appraisal info)

● Performance marketing contract with “Wemakeprice”

● Linkmine Day Click 200,000,000 + achieved


● 2019 Certification as an Excellent Technological Evaluation Enterprise. (NICE appraisal info)

● Exclusive marketing of “City Fishermen M” NCPI

● Certification of Company annexed research center (No. 2019114060)

● Delivery app “Baegopa” NCPI marketing contract

● 20,000 accumulated campaigns

● Integrated with global networks : 3 American companies, Hongkong, Malaysia, Israel

● Performance marketing contract with cryptocurrency exchange “Nexybit”


● 2018 Certification as an Excellent Technological Evaluation Enterprise. (NICE appraisal info)

● Participating 2018 International game EXPO G-Star B2B exclusive booth

● Extension of Venture Enterprise certification(20160108714)

● “Lineage M” NCPI exclusive execution

● “Ragnarok M” Pre-registration contract


● Participating 2017 International game EXPO G-Star B2B exclusive booth

● Affiliate contract with global networks : Spain, USA, China

● Linkmine B2C channel ‘GeniePang” launched

● “Loyal and Company” marketing agency contract


● Contract with major Networks , Agencies (around 20)

● “Venture Enterprise” Certification by Korea Technology Finance Corporation

● Developing and providing Performance Mobile App Marketing “Linkmine”

● Ad-server construction and operation contract with Money Keyboard

● Exclusive contract with Money Keyboard


● Exclusive marketing contract with ‘Arcobaleno’, ‘다함께카지노 Online’

● Mobile Network Ad Platform “adyab” launched

● Ad platform constructing support to Netpia


● Affiliate marketing contract with Lotte.com, CJMALL

● Server constructing support to Korea businessmen’s association

● WEB retargeting platform “AblePop” opened

● Adforus Co., Ltd established

ADforus Family


Marketing Agency
Digital marketing campaign agency and Media rep-company


Multisource Marketing
Global DSP platform Company


Mobile attribution service and mobile apps development
Performance marketing SSP ad-tech company


Metaverse social platform ‘iSOBOX’ developer
Creating NFTs via easy accessibility and fun


A comprehensive marketing commerce company created by experts in various fields such as distribution, marketing, and PR.


Personalized shopping curation platform
E-commerce specialized, integrated marketing service company.


Omni-channel combined ad analysis and Target Ads
Developing ad platform that provides expanded ad-execution